• CNA Classes in Walkersville

    The Red Cross delivers CNA training in Walkersville that meets or exceeds state standards, so you can achieve your goals. Our CNA courses emphasize academics and hands-on training, making it easy to learn and apply your knowledge immediately. After your in-class training is complete, students will continue their education in a professional setting by taking part in clinical rotations. All aspects of the class are taught by caring, professional nurses who will help guide and support you on your journey.

    Your CNA training in Walkersville can prepare you for a rewarding career in the medical field that's rife with opportunity. In fact, from 2010 to 2020 the need for Certified Nurse Assistants is expected to grow by 20%. In addition, if you're considering adding to your medical credentials, but aren't sure which path you'd like to take, becoming a CNA will allow you to gain valuable skills and insights, and explore your options while working in the field.

    The Red Cross offers Walkersville CNA training designed to help you learn from the best in the industry. Our four- to eight-week courses are held during daytime hours and include both in-class instruction (theory and hands-on), as well as clinical rotations, which allows students to practice their skills in real-world settings. Training is available throughout the year, so check your local schedule to find a session that can help you meet your goals.

    When you successfully complete your CNA training in Walkersville with the American Red Cross, you'll be well prepared to take your state licensing exam. These exams include a written portion, as well as a hands-on demonstration. They may be held at a Red Cross testing center or in another location. Testing may take all day, so plan accordingly, and wear scrubs and comfortable shoes, as well as a watch with a second hand. Check with your testing facility for specific details and requirements, but know that with the instruction you've received, you have the skills and knowledge to pass the test and achieve your goals.

    All Red Cross CNA classes in Walkersville use the most up-to-date course materials available. In addition, they are augmented with a wide range of online resources and manuals, which can be accessed and used throughout your training, and well into your career. Our library also includes a variety of refresher activities and information that can help keep your CPR, First Aid, and AED skills sharp between certifications.

    The Red Cross offers CNA training in Walkersville and in cities across the country. And with a more-than 100-year history of training people to successfully enter the nursing field, we're among the leaders in the industry. All of our CNA courses are developed under the guidance of, and reviewed by the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, and are taught by experienced, licensed nurses who will be there to support you every step of the way.