Aquatics Classes

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Count on the American Red Cross for the best training on how to be safe in, on and around the water! The American Red Cross has been the leader in swimming and lifeguarding since 1914. Now the tradition continues with an exciting new collection of courses designed to make learning easier and to help you benefit from the latest research on instructional techniques.

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San Diego - Aquatics Classes

Centennial Campaign

For the past 100 years, we’ve been helping millions of kids, teens and adults learn how to swim and become lifeguards and instructors. So the water can be a safer place for everyone.

Lifeguard Training

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Lifeguard Training/Title 22

Are you 15 or older and looking for a great summer job or a challenging career? American Red Cross Lifeguarding is the best place to start! Lifeguarding puts you in an exciting position, working as part of a team to help people safely enjoy the water.

Aquatics Instructor

Water Safety Instructor

Lifeguard Instructor

The training prepares instructor candidates by developing their understanding of how to use the course materials and methods, how to conduct training sessions and how to evaluate participants' progress.

Water Safety Instructor

Water Safety Instructor

Are you at least 16 years old and a proficient swimmer? This approximately 30-hour course will help you teach skills that may save a life, gain terrific work experience as an aquatics professional, earn money or join a volunteer team while you help people learn valuable skills.

Water Safety Training Classes

Aquatics Leader

Aquatic leaders are individuals that can deliver water safety presentations in the American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Programs.



Learn to Swim

The American Red Cross offers a number of courses in which the objective is to teach people to swim and to be safe in, on and around the water. Our Learn-to-Swim programs are the most comprehensive and effective programs of their kind available anywhere.

Water Safety Today

Water Safety Today

Designed to help increase safety wherever and whenever water sports are enjoyed, American Red Cross Water Safety Today teaches easy-to-remember safety tips for pools, spas, water parks, lakes, rivers, oceans and more.



Designed for youth ages 11 to 14, American Red Cross GuardStart: Lifeguarding Tomorrow™ provides a foundation of lifeguarding and life skills.