More Preparedness Training

Program Extensions

ARC/GNY Team-Building Program

Participants will be immersed in a dynamic and rewarding team-building experience, which simulates a “real-world” experience that employs Red Cross safety and preparedness principles and practices. Caught in the midst of a natural disaster striking New York City (hurricane and/or explosion), your team will need to use their collaborative skills and wits to prevail. Participants will build esprit de corps and foster productive team building while learning the importance of emergency preparedness and the fundamentals of coping with a disaster.

Preparedness Learning Extension Tool

Preparedness optimization requires ongoing training and education. The ARC/GNY extension tool is an easy-to-use, engaging software application that extends the educational benefit of our exercises and training. Immersed in a “gaming dynamic,” participants navigate disaster scenarios and cope with the logical ramifications of their choices. The scenarios can be bundled with training and exercises that are phased in over a period of time to provide continuous learning and reinforcement.. Scenario libraries, which can be stored locally or accessed over the web, can be routinely updated to ensure relevant, fresh content.

Global Solutions for Multinational Organizations

The American Red Cross in Greater New York can develop customized training and product solutions to meet your organization's global safety & preparedness needs. Working with our respective National Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies we can deliver solutions that are consistent with your worldwide messaging to specific office locations via WebEx training sessions and customized product sourcing and distribution.

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