Red Cross Health & Safety Training In The News

American Red Cross Preparedness Health and Safety programs are talked about in a wide variety of trade publications and general press. Here’s a sampling of our coverage.

February 2015

Red Cross Take a Class World Waterpark

World Waterpark Magazine - February Issue

Better Preparing Lifeguards to Take Action

The scope of lifeguarding has changed with the tremendous growth and innovation in shallow water and waterpark environments, and lifeguards must be prepared for a host of new, more sophisticated aquatic attractions. So how can you ensure that your lifeguard training is effective, memorable and contains the key components of best science and best practice?

Red Cross In The News Church Mutual

Risk Reporter - Winter 2015

Q&A: A Perspective on the Red Cross Ready Rating Program

Every senior living center wants to do all it can to protect residents and staff members in the event of a disaster. Recognizing that many organizations struggle with disaster preparation, the St. Louis Area Chapter of the American Red Cross created Ready Rating™. The program includes an assessment tool backed by a variety of disaster planning resources.

January 2015

Red Cross Press January 2015

Recreational Management - January Issue

Safer Waters for All: MAHC Created to Improve Pool Safety

Connie Harvey, director, Aquatics Centennial Initiative at the American Red Cross in Washington, D.C., comments on trends in drowning prevention, which goes beyond just rescue to layers of protection.

Red Cross Aquatics International Press

Aquatics International - January Issue

Red Cross Offers New Waterpark Lifeguard Course

The American Red Cross debuts Aquatic Attraction Lifeguarding, a new program that is the first to emphasize extreme shallow water rescue. Stephanie Shook, senior manager of instructor engagement at the American Red Cross, explains the need for this specialized lifeguard designation.

Red Cross Press Coverage Facility Safety Mgmt

Facility Safety Managment - January Issue

Sim Learning with Class Work: Better Prepares Trainees

This cover story explores the efforts of the Red Cross to assess whether incorporating simulation learning into its online curriculum could improve training products and ensure that learners, including facility safety managers, were better prepared for emergencies.

Red Cross Take a Class SHRM

SHRM - January 12, 2015

Incorporating Simulations Leads to More Effective Safety Training

Research sponsored by the American Red Cross shows that adding interactive, scenario-based online simulations to in-person classroom training is more effective than lectures alone for instructing people on health and safety topics such as CPR and first aid. Read more

December 2014

Red Cross Take a Class OH&S

Occupational Health & Safety Magazine - December 1, 2014

Research Finds Big Benefits in Blended Learning

Dominick Tolli, vice president of emerging products and services for the Red Cross, writes that new research sponsored by the organization shows that simulation learning in combination with traditional classroom experience is more efficient and effective in preparing people to act in a crisis than traditional classroom learning or online learning alone. Read more

Red Cross Take A Class Safety Daily Advisor

Safety Daily Advisor - December 1, 2014

New Red Cross Research Shows Benefit to Blended Training Programs

A new white paper from the American Red Cross makes the case for the most effective safety training method – a blended approach that combines online scenario-based simulation learning with in-person classroom training. Read more

Red Cross Take a Class Assoication of American Educators

Association of American Educators - December 11, 2014

Guest Blog: Preparing Students for After-School Sitter Jobs

Parent and Red Cross product director Grant Hansen explains how babysitting can help students broaden their skill sets and sense of personal responsibility. Read more

November 2014

Red Cross Press Coverage Facility Safety Mgmt

Facility Safety Management - November Issue

Meeting Demand: Red Cross Offers OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Training Courses

Red Cross senior director Steve Rieve explains the organization’s expansion into OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 training for employees and supervisors – and why Spanish-language safety training is more critical than ever for American industry. Read more

Red Cross Take a Class Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation – November Issue

Toward 50,000 Water-Competent Swimmers

As the American Red Cross recognizes its 100th anniversary of providing swimming safety education, its aquatics leaders are taking on a five-year, 50-city campaign to reduce the drowning rate by 50 percent by teaching 50,000 people what it means to be “water competent.” Read more

Red Cross Take a Class Recreation Managment

Recreation Management’s Rec Report – November Issue

Red Cross Invites Aquatic Facilities to Promote Classes Online

Aquatic Partner facilities with a current Red Cross Authorized Provider or Licensed Training Provider agreement can now post classes on Read more

September 2014

Red Cross Take a Class OH&S

Occupational Health & Safety Magazine - Sep 16, 2014

Signs From the Show Floor

Associate editor Matt Holden picks his favorite products and services at the National Safety Council trade show and features two Red Cross offerings – OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 training and the Prestan Ultralite Manikin. Read more

July 2014

Red Cross Take a Class Industrial Hygiene News

Industrial Hygiene News – July/August 2014

First Aid Training

The Red Cross launches Team First Aid Exercises, designed to help trained individuals review the lifesaving skills that they learned during First Aid, CPR and AED course and help them practice as a team with co-workers. Read more