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    At the American Red Cross, CNA online classes are not available. That's because our industry-leading curriculum was designed to deliver the latest information in a way that allows you to not only ask questions easily, but practice hands-on skills in the classroom before beginning your clinical rotations – which you can't do when you sign up for online CNA classes.

    Why Choose Red Cross CNA Training

    The America Red Cross has helped prepare individuals for work in the nursing field for more than 100 years. And while our training does not include a CNA online course option, it does emphasize academics and hands-on skills training – fully preparing students for their state licensing exams. In fact, through our time-tested use of lecture, hands-on/on-site and audio-video training, we offer one of the best CNA programs* in the industry.

    Our CNA program has been designed with input from educators, caregivers, and long-term industry representatives from across the United States, and uses a nationally developed curriculum that meets or exceeds state standards. This helps ensure that our students receive the information they need to pass their exams and provide compassionate care for people in the healthcare system. Throughout our CNA training program, students are instructed and guided by experienced, licensed nurses who are also licensed by the state as Nurse Assistant Training Instructors.

    For additional information you can read about our CNA training online in The Science Behind Our Programs. This document gives you an inside look at how our curriculum is developed and how The American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council works.

    *Based on % of our students passing State exam.

    Enroll Today

    CNA class enrollment requirements vary by state. In order to ensure that you meet the necessary requirements and have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered, please fill out this form, and a Red Cross representative will contact you. You may also wish to attend an information session to learn more about the program prior to enrollment.