• CNA Classes in New Haven

    At the American Red Cross, CNA training in New Haven takes approximately four to eight weeks, and includes in-class work and clinical rotations. In order to successfully prepare you for your state certification exam, all classes are taught by caring, experienced nurses and our curriculum emphasizes academics and hands-on training, as well as the importance of good communication, and the Art of Caregiving. Once you've completing your training with a passing grade, you can request a testing date to become certified with the state, then officially begin your career in the medical field.

    In order to help you prepare for a successful career in the medical field, we offer small classes that are held in easily accessible locations (near public transportation), as well as hands-on experience, and cutting-edge course materials that are developed under the guidance of, and reviewed by the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council.

    The purpose of the Certified Nurse Assistant Training Program is to provide information and skills that will enable the student to provide quality care for residents in nursing homes, as well as supplemental information and skills that will enable them to provide quality health care for clients at home and patients in hospitals.

    Day Classes are 4 weeks long

    • For the first 3 weeks, classes are held Monday – Thursday from 9:00am – 3:15pm.
    • Clinical work will be held the last week of class, Monday – Thursday, from 8:00am – 2:15pm, at a specified location assigned to that area.

    Evening classes are 7 weeks long.

    • For the first 6 weeks, classes are held Tuesday – Thursday from 5:30 pm – 10:00pm.
    • Clinical work will be held the last week of class, Monday – Thursday, from 4:45pm – 11:00pm, at a specified location assigned to that area.

    CPR/First Aid/AED held on the second Friday for days and second Thursday for evenings is included in the cost.


    The fee for the Certified Nurse Assistant Training program is $1,250.00. This fee will include a textbook, and a certificate prodvided at graduation.

    $250.00 non- refundable enrollment fee

    $1000.00 must be paid off 7 days prior to start date.

    *Cost of Program and Payment plan are subject to change. We accept Visa, MC, Discover or American Express, bank check or money order. NO CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS.


    To be accepted into the American Red Cross Certified Nurse Assistant Training Program, the prospective student must:

    • Present a photo ID at the time of the orientation.
    • Complete and pass a National Criminal background check.
    • Take an entrance exam, which includes reading comprehension, writing, and basic math. These skills are measured to ensure that the prospective student will be able to read and understand the material in class.
    • Before beginning the program, students will be required to submit an ARC physical examination form which includes results from a PPD test.


    Gateway Community College - New Haven Campus

    20 Church St

    New Haven, CT

    Contact: Kandace Murray at Kandace.Murray@redcross.org or 203-234-2115 for registration information.

    American Red Cross

    1057 Broad Street - 3rd Floor

    Bridgeport, CT

    Contact: Autumn Furlow at Autumn.Furlow2@redcross.org or 203-338-0951 for registration information

    American Red Cross

    323 Pitkin St. - 111 Founders Plaza 10th Flr

    E.Hartford, CT

    Contact: Elizabeth Hernandez at Kandace.Murray@redcross.org or 203-234-2115 for registration information.

    Once you've successfully passed your CNA classes in New Haven, you will be ready to take your state licensing exam and skills test. These exams are up to you to schedule and are not typically hosted at Red Cross training facilities. Test-day requirements vary by location, but will be available to you well before your test date.

    Your CNA training in New Haven can prepare you for a rewarding career in the medical field that's rife with opportunity. In fact, from 2010 to 2020 the need for Certified Nurse Assistants is expected to grow by 20%. In addition, if you're considering adding to your medical credentials, but aren't sure which path you'd like to take, becoming a CNA will allow you to gain valuable skills and insights, and explore your options while working in the field.