Prestan Adult Jaw Thrust Manikins with CPR Monitors (4-Pack)

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The Prestan Adult Jaw Thrust Diverse Skin-Tone Manikins with CPR Monitors (4-Pack) are designed to support the jaw thrust maneuver method to open the airway.
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The Prestan Adult Jaw Thrust Diverse Skin-Tone Manikins with CPR Monitors - 4 Pack (Available in Tan or Brown) are CPR feedback manikins designed so the jaw thrust maneuver or head-tilt/chin-lift method can be used to open the airway. The head on this manikin allows the student to grasp the manikin's lower jaw and lift the jaw of the manikin forward and upward to open the airway. The jaw thrust maneuver is a skill learned by lifeguards in CPR-for the Professional Rescuer training to care for victims with suspected head, neck or spinal injury to minimize neck movement. Jaw thrust maneuver is also an optional skill for Basic Life Support (BLS) training.

  • 4 - Prestan Professional Adult Jaw Thrust CPR Manikin, with CPR Feedback (Available in Tan or Brown)
  • 1 - 4 Pack Soft Carry Case/ Manikin Bag
  • 50 - Adult Face-Shield / Lung-Bags
  • 1 - Instruction Sheet

Batteries not included.


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