Deluxe 3-Day Emergency Preparedness Kit Deluxe 3-Day Emergency Preparedness Kit Deluxe 3-Day Emergency Preparedness Kit

Deluxe 3-Day Emergency Preparedness Kit

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When an emergency strikes, be prepared at work or home with the Deluxe 3-Day Emergency Preparedness Kit.
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American Red Cross
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When an emergency strikes, be prepared at work or home with the Deluxe 3-Day Emergency Preparedness Kit from the American Red Cross. This kit contains the emergency supplies for one person for 3 days. Supplies include a hand crank emergency radio, emergency food bars, emergency water & water container, emergency blanket, rain poncho, whistle, duct tape, personal hygiene kit and first aid kit, all contained in a durable back pack with multiple pouches and removable organizer, with room to add your own personal survival gear and apparel. Need extra supplies for your family? Supplement your kit with our Deluxe Personal Safety Pack. To learn how to personalize your emergency preparedness kit with additional supplies and how to make an evacuation plan, click here. Contents: Backpack with multiple pouches and removable organizer 1 Battery powered flashlight (2D cell batteries included) 1 Red Cross Eton Hand Crank Emergency Radio 1 Emergency blanket, 4.5′×7′ Moist towelettes (individually wrapped) 1 Pen light Food packets, 2,400 calories total, 5 year shelf life (ingredients include wheat flour, vegetable shortening, granulated sugar, salt, water and coconut flavoring) Water pouches, total of 16 ounces, 5 year shelf life Procedural breathing mask Rain poncho (adult sized) 1 Roll of duct tape, 2" × 30 yds 1 Water container, holds 3.5 gallons 1 Whistle 1 Hygiene comfort kit, including toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, soap, deodorant, washcloth, comb, and mesh shower bag 1 45-piece First aid kit, including compresses, adhesive bandages, first aid tape, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizer, gauze, and latex-free gloves

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