• Aquatic Examiner Service from the American Red Cross

    Partner With the Leader in Aquatic and Safety Training.

    Our Aquatic Examiner Service (AES) Client Facility Program is designed to:

    • Develop goals to improve operations, training and performance
    • Increase lifeguard accountability, attention to safety, professionalism, and pride
    • Reinforce and strengthen the lifeguard’s emergency response skills
    • Maintain high lifeguarding operational standards

    The AES program starts with a Red Cross examiner conducting an in-depth facility tour to understand your safety and lifeguarding operations. You’ll then receive a comprehensive, objective evaluation based on American Red Cross Lifeguarding program standards – 100 years of science-driven, evidence-based course content and educational design. Included will be the recommendations and resources needed to help you achieve and maintain those facility improvements.

    As a follow-up, unannounced site visits will evaluate on-the-job lifeguard performance, including surveillance and rescue skills. Team skills scenarios test the ability of the staff to perform and give the opportunity to learn how to improve with immediate remediation, if needed. The American Red Cross Aquatic Examiner Service offers your aquatics facility a comprehensive, objective evaluation of its safety and lifeguarding operations, with specific recommendations for improvement that will make an impact, and resources to help you achieve that improvement.

    Benefits of choosing the Red Cross as your provider:

    • You select only the services that you need
    • Professional Aquatic Examiner Service staff
    • Educational approach rather than a “gotcha” system
    • Helps you identify potential gaps in training or operational procedures and take appropriate action

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    Aquatic Examiner Service Components Include:

    Assessment and Report Includes:
    • Policies and procedures
    • Maintenance/Safety of rescue supplies
    • Review of lifeguard certification and in-service records
    • Emergency action plans
    • Commendations and goals for improvement
    Unannounced Site Visit Includes:
    • Video clips of on-duty lifeguards performing surveillance
    • 2 skills scenarios and evaluation
    • Brief lifeguarding operations check (records, training records, equipment, signage, etc.)
    • Results report including video footage
    Optional Add-On Components:
    • In-Service Trainings
    • Lifeguarding Instructors and/or Lead Management staff
    • Lifeguards
    • Aquatic Emergency Action Plan Drills
    • Team First Aid Drills
    • Tests preparedness and First Aid/CPR/AED skills of non-aquatic responders
    • Essential for facilities that include dry land support staff in the Emergency Action Plan (ex. cashiers, snack bar, supervisory staff, maintenance, etc.)
    Select Flexible Options That Work for Your Organization
    • Single site/Single pool
    • Multi site/Multi pool
    • Water park