BigRed™ LightSaving Manikins

BigRed LightSaving Manikin for Instructors

The revolution in CPR training has arrived. The responsive LED technology used in the BigRed LightSaving Manikin mimics blood flow through the body and to the brain, giving students instant visual feedback on their technique. It's never been easier to teach and learn CPR!

PUMP the chest. SEE the lights. SAVE a life.

BigRed™ LightSaving Manikins

Easy to teach. Easy to learn.

Say hello to faster, more efficient classroom instruction. With the BigRed LightSaving Manikin's responsive LED system, you can instantly identify when students are performing CPR correctly or need extra coaching—even from the other side of the room. Just think the BigRed LightSaving Manikins as the teaching assistant you always wish you had!

  • Lights respond to compression depth, rate, and technique
  • Encourages self-learning
  • Helps students self-correct and build muscle memory

"I'm confident that my students can
perform CPR in real life, because I've
seen them do it on BigRed™."

- John K.    Certified American Red Cross Instructor

A smarter, faster way to teach CPR


See What's Different

Get to know the BigRed LightSaving Manikin and see how he can help you promote a more hands-on understanding of CPR in your classroom.

BigRed™ LightSaving Manikin

Visualize Success

Forehead lights up when blood reaches the brain

Feel Prepared

Realistic skin and features prepare students for real scenarios

Monitor Blood Flow

LEDs represent blood circulation rate and volume


"I believe this will result
in more people trying to perform CPR,
so more people will be saved."

- Stacy B.     First Aid/CPR/AED Student

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Revolutionize the way you teach CPR in 2018

The BigRed Lightsaving Manikins are highly recommended, but not required to be used by Red Cross Authorized Providers and Licensed Training Providers.