• CNA Training

    Become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Designed to help you learn the skills necessary to provide important, quality care, our CNA training program makes it possible to embark on a rewarding, meaningful career that can make a difference to those in need. By combining traditional classroom instruction with hands-on experience, our Certified Nurse Assistant training program not only gives you the knowledge you need – but allows you to build the skills necessary to do the job well.

    Become the CNA Employers Love:

    “In our company meeting yesterday we discussed the percentages of our caregivers. The highest percentage comes from the Red Cross students and they have been the best employees! The quality of your students is phenomenal and we love working with them!”
    --Gabriella Ramirez, Human Resources, 2nd Family

    “Champion HHC has been recruiting caregivers from the American Red Cross in Rockledge, FL for three years now. We love working with the CNAs that graduate from your program! They are always qualified and ready to work.”
    --Amy Luhn, Administrator, Champion Home Health Care

    “Over the past two years I have developed a great business relationship with the American Red Cross. Dartmouth Hitchcock has had tremendous success in hiring from the Red Cross LNA Training Program. The LNA applicants that we receive from the American Red Cross present in a professional manner and are prepared to do their job. The Hiring Managers have noticed that the LNA’s trained by the American Red Cross are prepared to handle the most difficult of cases and have the ability to learn the roles at Dartmouth-Hitchcock quickly.”
    --Phillip S. Davis Jr., Talent Acquisition, Dartmouth Hitchcock

    Course Components

    Red Cross CNA training was developed to prepare you to deliver the level of care your patients will need. The in-class, or theory, component of our CNA training program will help you understand and learn how to provide proper patient care. This component includes lectures and hands-on, in-class practice.

    After successfully completing your in-class work, you'll begin your clinical work – which allows you to, under the guidance of a licensed nurse, work directly with patients in a healthcare facility.


    Although your interests may be vast and varied, our Certified Nurse Assistant training program can help you develop skills that are applicable to a wide range of healthcare environments. This way, you can build a foundation of information and good habits before you specialize or choose to further your career with additional training. Currently, the American Red Cross CNA training program includes instruction on:

    • CPR, First Aid, and AED usage
    • Infection control
    • Taking vital signs
    • Range of motion exercises
    • Becoming a valuable and adaptable employee
    • Communication, teamwork and diversity skills for the workplace
    • The art of caregiving
    • Promoting safety
    • Special care instructions
    • Transitioning from student to employee

    For complete details on the CNA training opportunities available in your area, visit our Nurse Assistant Training & Testing Center.

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    Why Train with the Red Cross

    For more than a century, we've prepared people to respond to emergencies of all sizes – from the everyday to the large disaster. As part of the Red Cross CNA training program, you'll join the millions we train every year and learn the skills that can save a life.