• Aquatic Examiner Service from the Red Cross

    Optimize your lifeguarding operations with the Aquatic Examiner Service

    The American Red Cross Aquatic Examiner Service offers your aquatics facility a comprehensive, objective evaluation of its safety and lifeguarding operations, with specific recommendations for improvement that will make an impact, and resources to help you achieve that improvement.

    Over the year that your facility participates in the American Red Cross Aquatic Examiner Service, you will see:

    • Improved operations
    • Improved lifeguard performance as a result of:
      • Objective, third-party feedback
      • Improved training
      • Increased accountability and attention to safety and professionalism
      • Increased pride in their ability to both create a safe environment and respond to potential emergencies

    Core Package

    Annual Lifeguarding Operations Assessment

    Following an in-depth facility tour with one of your staff, an American Red Cross certified administrator will provide you with an objective written evaluation of your facility’s lifeguarding operations, with recommendations for improvement.

    Lifeguard Observations and Evaluations

    These periodic, unannounced site visits include:

    • Brief lifeguarding operations check (signage, equipment, etc.)
    • Video of up to 6 lifeguards performing:
      • On-duty surveillance
      • Skills evaluations, including 3 team skills scenarios

    After each evaluation, your Red Cross administrator will provide you the full video footage, as well as a written summary of results and recommendations.

    Optional Add-on Services

    Depending on the needs of your facility, as determined by the Operations Assessment and/or the Lifeguard Observations and Evaluations, the American Red Cross offers year-round support, with in-service training and emergency action plan drills.

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