• Babysitting Classes in Peoria

    Become a capable, confident babysitter that families want to hire. When you enroll in one of our Peoria babysitting classes, you'll learn from the experts how to provide care to the kids in your neighborhood. From choosing age-appropriate activities, to keeping kids safe, handling a range of behaviors to building your babysitting business, our courses can help you become an in-demand sitter who can handle virtually any situation.

    When you sign up for our babysitting training in Peoria, you'll learn how to manage a wide range of behaviors and situations that you may not have encountered yet. From tantrums to providing nutritious meals to kids, choosing age-appropriate activities to keeping kids safe in an emergency, we can give you the training and the tools you need to deliver quality care to kids of all ages. Find a class in your area and become a babysitter parents can count on.

    If you're bringing a new baby home and also have older children, you can enroll your eldest kids in one of our online or in-person babysitting classes in Peoria and give them the skills and confidence needed to help with their young brother or sister. This way, all members of the family can participate in the care of the new baby – bonding with him or her in their own way, and helping to give their parents time to care for themselves and the entire family.

    Empower your child by allowing him or her to enroll in babysitting classes in Peoria. Through our training your child can learn how to provide care to the children in your family – or your neighborhood – gain respect as a capable babysitter, gain confidence, and earn an income. And if your child opts to take one of our first aid/CPR/AED classes, he or she will also gain the skills necessary for providing care to others during times of crisis. Find more information about our Peoria babysitting certification program and enroll your child in an in-person or online class.

    In addition to offering babysitting classes in Peoria, the Red Cross also offers first aid/CPR/AED classes that can help you learn how to provide care for infants, children and adults. By augmenting your babysitting certification with a two-year certification in first aid/CPR/AED, you can show the families you work for that you're committed to providing their children with quality babysitting care, and that you're prepared to help them if ever they're injured or become ill. This can not only provide families with added peace of mind, but with the skills you'll gain through our first aid/CPR/AED class, you can also command a higher hourly rate. For more information on all of our classes, check our newest course schedule.

    Along with babysitting classes in Peoria, the Red Cross also offers a wide range of opportunities for tweens and teens to learn skills that will help them become more capable and confident citizens. With AED, CPR and first aid courses, plus lifeguarding classes (available in select areas), and a host of other training opportunities, we can help people of all ages grow and develop. Check our newest schedule for more information.