• AED Certification in Kentucky

    Elevate your career, train for a new one, and learn how to help others during times of need. With a wide range of Kentucky AED certification classes available, the American Red Cross offers convenient access to important trainings and OSHA-compliant courses that can help you gain the skills and confidence to provide care, or even save a life.

    Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are used to deliver a shock to someone in sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) – in hopes of returning the heart to a normal rhythm. The AED's electrodes (sometimes called sensors) are placed via sticky pads onto the SCA victim's chest; the connected computer evaluates the heart's rhythm, then a voice prompt will tell you when to give the shock – which is delivered through the electrodes. By using an AED, rather than waiting the typical 8-12 minutes for first responders to arrive, you can help save the life of the SCA victim. After all, for each minute that defibrillation is delayed during a sudden cardiac arrest, the victim's chance of survival is reduced by 10 percent. Check out our newest list of Kentucky AED certification classes, and confidence and skills needed to help save a life.

    Learning how to use an AED properly can mean all the difference to someone in need. That's one of the many reasons we make taking AED classes in Kentucky simple. With in-person, online, and blended Simulation Learning courses that combine online class work with an in-person skills session, you can learn how to use an AED when, and how, it suits you best. Check out the classes available, and earn your Kentucky AED certification.

    If having an OSHA-compliant certification isn't required for your job or a volunteer position, then gaining your AED certification online in Kentucky is an option. Our online courses deliver the same lecture material and information as our other classes, but instead of using an in-person skills session to test your knowledge, you'll complete a series of interactive activities that will challenge your judgement and help you understand how and when to use an AED. Find details on all of our online AED classes, and sign up for your training in minutes.

    After your AED training in Kentucky is complete, your skills are useless if you don't know where the nearest AED is. So with your certification in hand take a moment the next time you're at work and track down your nearest AED (and show your co-workers where it's at, too) – because without a defibrillator, providing life-saving assistance to someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest is impossible.

    At the Red Cross we believe that learning knows no age restriction. That's why we offer AED training in Kentucky, as well as a wide range of courses for everyone in your family, including CPR training, first aid classes, and more. Through our unique learning opportunities, we can help you gain a new skill, further your career, and enjoy life just a little bit more. For details on all of the classes available in your area, browse our newest course catalog.