• CPR Classes in Silver Spring

    Take CPR classes in Silver Spring from the experts at the American Red Cross. With just a few short hours of training, you can gain the skills to help someone in a time of need. Red Cross CPR training in Silver Spring not only gives you valuable skills, but because it's OSHA compliant they can help you meet the requirements of your job.

    When you take CPR classes in Silver Spring from the American Red Cross, you'll learn how to perform CPR on adults and children, so you can capably, confidently help during times of crisis. For our in-person and blended Simulation Learning classes, coursework includes lecture, or online coursework, and hands-on skills sessions to help you learn the proper techniques and gain experience. For those taking one of our online-only courses, you'll learn the same information, but in lieu of a skills session, you'll complete several activities that will help you put what you've learned to use.

    Note: Online-only CPR courses do not result in full, OSHA-compliant certification.

    Get CPR training in Silver Spring that's designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Created for those with a duty to respond, our courses use the latest science and educational innovations to cover performing primary assessments, giving ventilations, choking, and AED use. Successful completion of the course gives you a two-year certification, access to free refresher materials and more.

    Instead of signing up several (or all) of your employees for off-site CPR classes in Silver Spring, you can bring Red Cross trainers to you. This way, you can give your teams the CPR training they need, without arranging for, or paying for, each member to travel to a training site. In-person classes like these include first aid and AED usage, and take just a few short hours. Those who successfully complete the class will receive a two year OSHA-compliant certification, which can help your organization meet its health and safety goals.

    The Red Cross offers a special CPR training in Silver Spring for students and school faculty. Through our School Program, we'll train your school's staff on how to administer CPR properly, and also how to teach others to do so. Then, your staff can go back to your school and teach students how to provide care during times of crisis

    Note: When you participate in our program, student learner fees are waived, however any adult and/or instructor-training fees still apply.

    At the Red Cross, we know that if you don't use the skills you learn in our Silver Spring CPR training and classes, you're likely lose them or forget key points. That's why we've created step-by-step guides that you can print up and keep with you, no matter where you are. Our one-page instructions offer quick reminders on how to perform life-saving measures, which makes it easy to refresh your memory and maintain your skills.

    Your Red Cross CPR certifications are valid for two years. Current certificate holders, and those who hold certifications that are within 30 days of expiring, can maintain their credentials by completing an abbreviated training session with experts in Silver Spring. CPR classes for renewal candidates are available throughout the year. Please check your local schedule for details.

    In Silver Spring CPR classes from the American Red Cross are delivered by experienced professionals with access to the latest science and educational materials. All of our courses are designed under the guidance of, and reviewed by, the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, which ensures that you receive the most accurate, up-to-date training available.