• Group Training

    Get started on lifesaving First Aid, CPR, and AED classes for groups of 8 or more.

    For details and schedule, contact our local account executive Ann Pappas by phone at (612) 554-2753 or by email at ann.pappas@redcross.org.

    Emergencies come in a multitude of forms and sizes, from minor personal injuries to devastating events like sudden cardiac arrest, violence, tornadoes, and severe weather disasters. In an emergency, seconds count. First Aid, cardiac and breathing emergencies will happen, and our Red Cross group training can help you give your employees and other groups the tools and skills they'll need to handle the full range of real emergencies, large and small.

    All group training classes include 2-year certifications, free digital training material, and free digital certificates for your employees. Training is offered in a blended format including an online component and instructor-led skills assessment at your location. It's also delivered in a traditional classroom environment.

    More good news: $.90 of every training dollar supports our life-saving mission including disaster relief, blood collection and services to the Armed Forces.