• Babysitting Classes in Columbia

    Babysitting is a job that comes with a huge responsibility. Fortunately, with the help of the American Red Cross, tweens and teens can prepare for the job – and earn the trust and respect of the families in their care. With leading science-based information on child behavior, feeding, choosing age-appropriate activities, leadership, and more, our online and in-person babysitting classes in Columbia can help you become a capable, trusted babysitter.

    In Columbia, babysitting classes from the American Red Cross deliver science-based information that can help tweens, teens and others provide care in a way that's safe and effective. In fact, our programs, including our babysitting certification courses, are developed and reviewed under the guidance of the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, a 50+ member panel of nationally recognized experts from a variety of scientific, medical, and academic disciplines, so you can rest assured that you're getting the latest proven information. To enroll in an in-person or online class, review our newest course schedule.

    We offer several babysitting classes in Columbia for tweens and teens. Throughout these courses, you'll learn how to provide care for infants and children, ensure that you and your young charges are safe, learn what to do in an emergency, how to choose age-appropriate activities, how to recognize and manage a range of behaviors, and how to start – and grow – your own babysitting business.

    At the Red Cross, we'll be here for you long after your Columbia babysitting classes have ended. With online access to the Babysitters Training Handbook, you can review course information any time you need to refresh your memory on the skills and information covered in class. And if you choose to take a first aid/CPR/AED certification course, you can use our online materials to keep your skills sharp and your memory fresh – and stay prepared to provide quality care when it's needed most.

    For most parents, being with your child 100 percent of the time simply isn't realistic – and neither is counting on a family member to watch your little one every time you need to step out on your own. So, finding a babysitter you can trust is critical. But how do you know the person you're considering hiring has the skills needed to care for your child? One way to ensure your babysitter has received quality training is to look for someone who has completed one of our babysitting classes in Columbia. Although certification can't speak to your sitter's personality, it can show you that he or she has taken the initiative to become trained in child care and understands how to perform a variety of tasks related to delivering quality care. And if the candidate holds a first aid/CPR/AED certificate, you can also rest assured that your sitter has received the training he or she needs to help your family in times of crisis.

    Whether you take one or all three of our child care and babysitting classes in Columbia, you'll gain the skills and confidence you need to provide quality care to kids of all ages. In addition, you'll also have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills and professionalism, and learn how to build your babysitting business. Sign up for one of our online or in-person courses to get started.