• Team First Aid Exercises

    An in-person, guided scenario-based team session designed to enhance a certified employee's ability to respond as a team.

    The value of the Team First Aid Exercises is that it prepares individual responders to perform as a team. While training provides an individual with the skills to respond, the exercises provide an engaging, safe environment to enhance those skills and practice applying them as a team.

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    Team-Building for Emergency Situations:
    • Provides employees' roles and the ability to implement a coordinated response. Hands-on practice allows employees to maximize the expertise of the individual in a team environmen
    • Builds confidence to respond. Emergency scenarios allow employees to learn by doing in a safe environment.
    • Optimizes the response time and outcomes. This exercise requires employees to focus on a goal where time is of the essence.
    More Information:

    First Aid/CPR/AED Training is one component. Evaluation of your team's ability to respond is another component within a more complete, comprehensive safety program.

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