• AED Certification in Alabama

    When you enroll in AED training in Alabama from the American Red Cross, you'll receive world-class instruction that's based on the latest proven science, standards and regulations. Under the guidance of the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, a panel of nationally recognized experts from a variety of scientific, medical, and academic disciplines, we receive authoritative guidance on a wide range of subjects, including (but not limited to) AED, first aid, CPR, emergency preparedness, aquatics, disaster health, and nursing. This guidance ensures that Red Cross practices and recommendations align with the latest evidence-based knowledge in science and medicine, and adhere to relevant industry standards and guidelines. Explore the AED classes available in your area, and get the training you need to help during times of crisis.

    Learning how to use an AED properly can mean all the difference to someone in need. That's one of the many reasons we make taking AED classes in Alabama simple. With in-person, online, and blended Simulation Learning courses that combine online class work with an in-person skills session, you can learn how to use an AED when, and how, it suits you best. Check out the classes available, and earn your Alabama AED certification.

    After receiving your Alabama AED certification, it's important to maintain your skills. After all, like anything, if you don't use them regularly, they're easy to forget. That's why we've created the Red Cross Refresher Center. By using our quick, interactive activities you can test your knowledge online anytime, and maintain your skills so you'll be ready to help when and where it's needed most.

    Note: All of our refresher materials are free to use.

    AED recertification in Alabama is easy with The American Red Cross. Designed for current certificate holders, our program not only allows you to renew your AED certification in an abbreviated class, but with if you're a nurse, first responder, social worker, teacher or other professional who needs to earn continuing education credits, we can help. The Red Cross is approved to award CEUs in Preparedness and Health and Safety Services courses, such as CPR/first aid/AED, CNA training, swimming and water safety, lifeguarding, and more. Browse our complete list of eligible CEU training, and schedule your AED recertification.

    After earning your Alabama AED certification, you might be wondering whether you should have an AED at home. After all, they're located in most public spaces, office buildings and transportation hubs, and given that time is of the essence when caring for someone in sudden cardiac arrest, it just makes sense. Or does it? According to the Mayo Clinic, "if you're at high risk of sudden cardiac death due to a specific heart rhythm problem, your doctor will likely recommend an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) rather than an AED." In addition, home AEDs can be costly, aren't often covered by insurance, periodically require maintenance services and may not be ideal if you live alone or with someone who may not be able to position you (or themselves) easily for proper usage. In general, if you're concerned about your need to own an AED, talk to your doctor. In the meantime, simply knowing where AEDs are located and how to use one may just be enough.

    At the Red Cross, we offer a wide range of AED trainings in Alabama. With online-only courses, plus OSHA-compliant in-person and blended Simulation Learning options, we can help you reach your goals in the way that suits you best. For details on all of the classes available in your area, browse our course catalog, then choose the right class for your life and your learning style.