• CPR Training in Alabama

    In Alabama, CPR classes from the American Red Cross can help you become a more capable, confident, and helpful spouse, partner, friend, neighbor, co-worker and citizen. By learning this life-saving measure, you can provide care when it's needed most. In order to allow everyone the opportunity to train – regardless of schedule or learning style – we offer CPR certification classes in three formats: in-person, online, and via a blended Simulation Learning class that combines online coursework with an in-person skills session. To find the class that's right for you, check our newest schedule.

    A cardiac emergency can happen to anyone, at any age, in any place, and at any time. In fact, every year, between 300,000-400,000 people die from a cardiac arrest out of a hospital, and current out-of-hospital survival rates are only 1 to 5 percent. This means that if you need to deliver CPR during an emergency, you will most likely be providing it to someone you know and love, like a child, spouse, parent or friend. By taking one of our CPR classes in Alabama, you can learn the steps for delivering CPR to infants, children and adults from a Red Cross expert – and gain the confidence to help when it's needed most.

    CPR can help you save the life of someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest – which can happen to anyone, at any age. That's why it's so important for every member of your family to know how and when to use it. With hundreds of CPR classes in Alabama every year, the Red Cross can help your family learn this critical skill. And with classes available online, in-person, and via our blended Simulation Learning format, which combines online coursework with in-person skills sessions, no matter how the members of your family learn best, finding the right class is simple.

    Note: Though most students are 16 or older, younger students are welcome to join us for training.

    At the Red Cross, we want to empower you to help when, where, and how it's needed most. That's why we offer combined adult and pediatric CPR classes in Alabama. This way, you can learn the proper techniques for performing CPR on infants, children and adults in one convenient class. Find a class in your area and gain the skills and confidence needed to help during times of crisis.

    Please be aware that the Red Cross does offer some Adult Only CPR classes in Alabama.

    Although our Alabama CPR certification classes take just a few short hours to complete, they can help you gain the skills and confidence to help during times of crisis. However, like anything, if you don't use your skills regularly, it's easy to forget key points or simply lose the knowledge you gained in class. That's why we offer all of our CPR course participants access to free online refresher materials. With our quick and easy online activities, including interactive quizzes, games, learning activities, videos and more to keep, you can keep your skills sharp between certifications and stay ready to help at a moment's notice.