• Swimming Lessons in Chicago

    At the Red Cross, we offer swim classes in Chicago for children as young as six months, as well as teens and adults. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, students will gain the skills and confidence needed to swim for fun and fitness – and safely enjoy activities in, on and around the water.

    Although enrolling your child in swim training in Chicago can help your little one stay safer around the water, we believe that children of every age should receive water safety training – whether or not they swim. After all, life is full of potential water hazards, including buckets of water, canals, bathtubs, pools, ponds, lakes and more. That's why we've developed Longfellow's WHALE Tales – a program that allows kids to learn water safety – with or without access to a pool – and gain important information on safe behavior in, on and around the water. For details on the program, or to learn how to become a Longfellow's WHALE Tales instructor, visit https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/teach-water-safety.

    The Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program in Chicago allows swimmers, from 6 months to adult, to train with patient, compassionate instructors who can help you learn to enjoy your time in, on, and around the water safely. All of our classes are taught by professional, certified instructors who will help you learn the basics, then progress through the levels at your own pace – mastering the skills in one level before advancing to the next. Find your local Learn-to-Swim provider.

    In addition to offering group swim classes in Chicago many Learn-to-Swim partners offer private lessons that allow you to set (and achieve) a variety of personal goals. With private swim lessons, you'll get truly personalized instruction that allows you to focus on the things that are most important to you – from foundational exercises to speed work. This can be especially helpful if you're training for a triathlon or another competitive event, want to enhance a particular set of skills, can only attend lessons during a specific time, or simply aren't comfortable learning in a group environment. For information on scheduling a private swim lesson, contact your local Learn-to-Swim provider.

    Designed to complement our swim classes in Chicago, our app features a swim lesson progress tracker so you can keep tabs on your (and your family's) swim lessons, as well as facts and tips that can help you and those you love stay safe in, on, and around the water. With drowning prevention and emergency response information, kid-friendly educational games, videos, and more, the app can help you learn about water safety and meet your swimming goals. Download our swim app, and find a Learn-to-Swim class in your area.

    In Chicago, water safety training is part of all of our swim classes, however we encourage all parents and teens who are either enrolled in our swim classes or has a child enrolled in one of our courses to take their training one step further by signing up for a first aid/CPR/AED class. This way, you can become a stronger swimmer, and learn how to help should another swimmer become ill or injured while you're at the pool, lake, or beach. Classes are available online, in person and via our blended Simulation Learning experience, which combines online course work with an in-person skills session – so you can learn your way, and on your schedule.

    Long after your swimming lessons in Chicago have ended, the Red Cross will be here for you. With advanced swim classes, lifeguarding courses, babysitting, swim coach training, and more, our local instructors can help you achieve your goals – whether they're personal or professional. Check out the classes available in your area, and find out how we can help.