• First Aid Classes in Warren

    The Red Cross offers First Aid training in Warren in three convenient ways: in-person, online, and via our blended Simulation Learning experience, which combines online coursework with an in-person skills session. Once you've successfully completed any of our First Aid classes, you'll receive a two year certification, as well as access to a wide range of online refresher materials that can help keep what you've learned fresh in your memory.

    Note: Only in-person and Simulation Learning courses result in OSHA-compliant certification.

    When it comes to First Aid, it's important to know how to treat both kids and adults. That's why, in our Warren First Aid classes, we'll review the procedures for caring for adults separately from those that are applicable to kids. By doing so, our instructors make it easy to understand the differences when providing care so that you can help each person according to his or her needs.

    Because children and infants require special care during times of crisis, our First Aid classes in Warren include detailed information on helping kids who are sick or injured. This way, you can provide children with the care they need in a way that won't cause further damage to their growing bodies.

    At the Red Cross, our First Aid and CPR training in Warren are combined into one course. This way you can gain the skills and information you need to provide care during breathing emergencies and other times of crisis. By learning how to perform CPR, staunch bleeding, help with muscle, bone and joint injuries, and more, you can capably, confidently provide care to a loved one or act as a Good Samaritan while waiting for medical professionals arrive.

    Make your workplace safer for everyone. With First Aid classes in Warren, you can give your staff OSHA-compliant training. Best of all, you can even arrange for on-site classes, so your employees won't have to travel elsewhere for a class. Our expert instructors can come to you and teach your teams the latest techniques, including how to care for cuts and burns, muscle, bone and joint problems, and more. In addition, our First Aid classes include sections on CPR and AED usage, so your employees can become certified in all three in a single day, and make your office, store, factory, or job site, safer for everyone.

    Find First Aid classes in Warren that can help your school create a safer campus community. When you become part of the Red Cross Schools Program your teachers and administrators will not only receive First Aid training from the American Red Cross, but they will also learn how to train their students for free. Find out how to join our program.

    Whether being certified in First Aid is critical to your job or you're simply a good samaritan, it's important to know that your Red Cross certification is only valid for two years from its award date. However, with our convenient, abbreviated recertification classes, it's easy to renew your skills, refresh your memory, and maintain your credentials. Explore all of the Warren First Aid training courses available in your area.