• Babysitting Classes in Omaha

    Babysitting is often one of the first jobs available to tweens and teens, but aside taking care of their siblings, most sitters have little in the way of training. However, with babysitting classes in Omaha from the American Red Cross, you can gain the skills and confidence needed to take care of the kids in your neighborhood – competently, and confidently. Our online and in-person courses cover a wide range of topics, including child behavior, choosing age-appropriate activities, and keeping kids safe, as well as leadership, and starting your own babysitting business. We even offer first aid and CPR classes to help you become even more skilled at delivering care when and how it's needed most.

    Whether you're just starting to babysit or you've been working for families for years, Red Cross babysitting classes in Omaha can help you not only improve your skills, but help you earn more. According to an American Red Cross poll, "parents want to entrust their children to babysitters trained in first aid, CPR and childcare skills, and more than 80 percent of parents believe that teenage babysitters should be paid more if they have these skills." This means that by successfully completing our babysitting training, as well as first aid and CPR certification courses, you can become a more trusted babysitter and have the power to earn more. Find a class in your area.

    If you're a first-time parent, or are simply about to welcome a new child into your home, our Advanced Childcare Training classes can help you become comfortable with providing your little one with the care he or she needs. These Omaha babysitting training courses offer adults and older teens helpful information on feeding, holding, safety, choosing age-appropriate activities, child behavior, and more – and they can be invaluable to growing families. In addition, those you may rely on, like the baby's aunts and uncles, grandparents, or even your friends, can enroll in our courses and gain the knowledge and skills needed to care for your child when you can't be at home. Find an online course or a class in your area by checking our newest course schedule.

    When searching for a babysitter who can provide quality care and support to your family, it's important to look for someone who is capable and gets along well with you – and interacts well with your children. One of the ways to do this is to look for someone who holds an Omaha babysitting certification from the American Red Cross – this way, you can check his or her credentials online and gain a thorough understanding of the training your potential sitter has received. Secondly, call the sitter's references and have an honest discussion about his or her experience with the families served. And finally, talk with the sitter alone, as well as with your child. Watch how the sitter interacts with your little one while you're in the room – and while you're not. In the end, you'll need to hire someone you're comfortable with, so do a "gut check" and trust your instincts. After all, the health and care of your family depends on this person – and if you don't, for any reason, believe they'll do a good job, then you owe it to yourself to find someone who will.

    After completing one (or all) of our babysitting classes in Omaha, you can enhance your skills and earn other important certifications by enrolling in additional Red Cross classes. Just a few of the options available include AED, first aid, CPR, and lifeguarding (especially helpful if you babysit in a home with a pool). Not only can all of these classes help you become a more capable babysitter, but they may even help you find additional employment opportunities. For complete information on all of the classes available in your area, check out our newest course schedule.