• First Aid Training in New Mexico

    Regardless of what you do for a living, or how you spend your free time, our First Aid training in New Mexico can help you gain important skills. By learning how to provide care to infants, children and adults, our classes can help you become a more capable co-worker, family member, friend, neighbor and citizen. To sign up for a class in your area, check our newest course schedule.

    If you're like many people, you have a first aid kit at home, in your car, and maybe even with your hiking/camping gear or your desk at work – but you might not know quite how to use it. When you sign up for a first aid class in New Mexico from the American Red Cross, we'll teach you how to use what's (probably) already in your kit, and help you decide what you need to add to it. With expert instruction on caring for adults and children suffering from burns, bleeding, choking, breathing problems and other emergencies, you can be prepared to help – no matter where you are.

    Get first aid training in New Mexico that's designed for your schedule – and your learning style. At the Red Cross, you'll not only gain the latest science-based information on delivering care, but you'll also have the option to earn your certification in three ways. We offer day, evening and weekend in-person classes, as well as online-only courses, and blended Simulation Learning classes that combine online coursework with an in-person skills session. This way, no matter how busy your schedule is or how you learn best, you can study first aid with the experts and be ready to help when it's needed most.

    Note: Only the in-person and Simulation Learning courses are OSHA compliant.

    When you take a first aid class in New Mexico, you'll learn to provide care when, and how, it's needed most. Through your local Red Cross chapter, you can gain critical information about helping infants, children and adults during times of crisis, and learn proper procedures for delivering care that not only helps improve "patient" outcomes, but can help keep you safe, as well. Of course, after your class has ended, we'll still be there for you. With refresher materials and a handy app, you can not only test your skills, but get instant access to information on handling the most common first aid emergencies.

    Even completing your first aid training in New Mexico, if you don't use your skills regularly, they're easy to lose. That's why we've created the Red Cross Refresher Center – a place where you can go to take interactive quizzes, play games, participate in learning activities and watch videos that will help you maintain the knowledge and skills you learned during class. They're free and easy to use – and accessing them every three months can help you stay prepared to help – even months after completing your certification.

    At the Red Cross, we believe that learning can take place at any age – and should continue throughout your life. That's why we offer classes for everyone. From BLS and CPR classes for adults, and AED and First Aid training, in New Mexico we make it easy for people of all ages and interests to learn something new. To find a class near you and experience the power of life-long learning, check our newest course schedule.