• Babysitting Training in Tennessee

    For generations, babysitting has been one way that teens and tweens not only earn money, but gain respect and learn responsibility. And although you may get along with kids in general, taking care of a child (or children) while their parents are away can be trickier and more nuanced than you'd expect. That's where our Tennessee babysitting classes can help. Designed by experts in the industry, they can help you learn how to provide care, how to choose activities, how to handle emergencies, understand certain behaviors, and more. Check out the childcare training options available, and gain the skills you need to become a capable, confident babysitter.

    If your child is babysitting the kids in your neighborhood, or the children of family friends, it's important for him or her to be prepared for the responsibility. That's where our babysitting training in Tennessee can help. With online and in-person classes that were developed by, and are taught by, experts in the field, young babysitters can learn childcare basics, like feeding and holding, safety and what to do in an emergency, child behavior, how to choose age-appropriate activities, leadership skills and more. We'll also cover how to start (and market) a babysitting business – to help your child achieve his or her goals. Find a babysitting class in your area.

    For new parents, especially if you haven't been around infants in awhile, Red Cross babysitting classes in Tennessee can help you prepare for what's to come. With thoughtful, compassionate instruction on caring for a child, including information on holding, feeding, safety, and more, our instructors can help you learn how to take care of your child well before he or she arrives. In addition, we offer courses in first aid/CPR/AED that cover providing care to infants, children, and adults – which can help you learn what to do should your child (or anyone else) become sick or injured and need emergency care.

    When it comes to hiring a babysitter, knowing what to look for can be difficult. One of the things that you can do is ask whether your candidates hold a current Tennessee babysitting certification from the American Red Cross. That can help you get a sense of their training and commitment to being a responsible babysitter. In addition, you should ask for references (and contact them), watch the way he or she interacts with your children, talk about any duties the sitter might be responsible for, any special skills he or she may have, and any special needs that the sitter should be aware of.

    In addition, it can be helpful to do a trial run – and have the sitter watch your child either for a short period of time (while you're running errands) or while you're in the home, but focusing on non-family projects. This way you can get a feel for how the sitter will work out. Of course, you should also trust your instincts. Sometimes babysitters are completely capable and qualified, but you're still uncomfortable. If that's the case, go with your gut, and keep looking until you find a sitter you trust implicitly.

    If, after completing one of our Tennessee babysitting certification courses, your child decided to further his or her education by taking a First Aid/CPR/AED class, maintaining those skills is critical. That's where our refresher materials can help. With our free, short online activities, your child can test his or her skills, refresh their memory, and be prepared to help if, or when, it's needed. In addition to our First Aid/CPR/AED refreshers, we also make the complete Babysitter's Training Handbook available online, so your young babysitter can review any information at any time. It's a simple, easy way to make sure that your son or daughter stays prepared the responsibilities associated with babysitting.

    Throughout our babysitting classes in Tennessee, you'll gain the skills you need to provide quality care to kids of all ages. In addition, you'll learn leadership, professionalism, and how to start, and grow, a successful babysitting business. To begin your training, find a class online or in your area.