• Babysitting Classes in Nashville

    Babysitting is a job that comes with a huge responsibility. Fortunately, with the help of the American Red Cross, tweens and teens can prepare for the job – and earn the trust and respect of the families in their care. With leading science-based information on child behavior, feeding, choosing age-appropriate activities, leadership, and more, our online and in-person babysitting classes in Nashville can help you become a capable, trusted babysitter.

    For most parents, being with your child 100 percent of the time simply isn't realistic – and neither is counting on a family member to watch your little one every time you need to step out on your own. So, finding a babysitter you can trust is critical. But how do you know the person you're considering hiring has the skills needed to care for your child? One way to ensure your babysitter has received quality training is to look for someone who has completed one of our babysitting classes in Nashville. Although certification can't speak to your sitter's personality, it can show you that he or she has taken the initiative to become trained in child care and understands how to perform a variety of tasks related to delivering quality care. And if the candidate holds a first aid/CPR/AED certificate, you can also rest assured that your sitter has received the training he or she needs to help your family in times of crisis.

    At the Red Cross, our babysitting classes in Nashville aren't just for teens and tweens hoping to earn money as babysitters. In fact, they're great courses for anyone who may not typically spend time around children, but who may also be asked to provide care to an infant or child – like a new aunt, uncle, grandparent or even a close friend of someone who is pregnant or adopting. For older teens and adults, our Advanced Child Care class can give you the skills and confidence needed to help someone you love care for their child. Available online, this course takes just a few hours to complete, but can mean a lot to those you care for. To enroll, check our class schedule.

    In addition to offering babysitting classes in Nashville, the Red Cross also offers First Aid/CPR/AED classes that can help you learn how to provide care for infants, children and adults. By augmenting your babysitting certification with a two-year certification in first aid/CPR/AED, you can show the families you work for that you're committed to providing their children with quality babysitting care, and that you're prepared to help them if ever they're injured or become ill. This can not only provide families with added peace of mind, but with the skills you'll gain through our First Aid/CPR/AED class, you can also command a higher hourly rate. For more information on all of our classes, check our newest course schedule.

    After completing one (or all) of our babysitting classes in Nashville, you can enhance your skills and earn other important certifications by enrolling in additional Red Cross classes. Not only can all of these classes help you become a more capable babysitter, but they may even help you find additional employment opportunities. For complete information on all of the classes available in your area, check out our newest course schedule.