• Babysitting Classes in Huntsville

    When you take part in our Huntsville babysitting certification courses, you can gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to provide quality care to the kids in your neighborhood. With our comprehensive online, and in-person courses, which deliver science-based information, you'll learn everything you need to gain the trust of the families you work with and start your own babysitting business, including providing basic care, like holding and feeding, choosing age-appropriate activities, recognizing and managing certain behaviors, marketing your business, and more. For information on all of the classes available in your area, check our newest course schedule.

    At the Red Cross, our babysitting classes in Huntsville aren't just for teens and tweens hoping to earn money as babysitters. In fact, they're great courses for anyone who may not typically spend time around children, but who may also be asked to provide care to an infant or child – like a new aunt, uncle, grandparent or even a close friend of someone who is pregnant or adopting. For older teens and adults, our Advanced Child Care class is designed for older teens and adults who provide babysitting services for their own family members or families in their neighborhood. Available online, this Huntsville babysitting training course provides participants with information on basic care, like feeding and holding, as well as child behavior, safety, discipline, and leadership. Activities and videos help reinforce learnings so that participants get the most possible from the course. Check our newest class schedule to enroll.

    Note: The Red Cross Babysitting Program, including this course, is not intended as certification for state-licensed childcare providers and does not meet all state requirements for such certification.

    In addition to offering babysitting classes in Huntsville, the Red Cross also offers first aid/CPR/AED classes that can help you learn how to provide care for infants, children and adults. By augmenting your babysitting certification with a two-year certification in first aid/CPR/AED, you can show the families you work for that you're committed to providing their children with quality babysitting care, and that you're prepared to help them if ever they're injured or become ill. This can not only provide families with added peace of mind, but with the skills you'll gain through our first aid/CPR/AED class, you can also command a higher hourly rate. For more information on all of our classes, check our newest course schedule.

    All of our babysitting classes in Huntsville offer you the opportunity to earn a two-year certification that you can use to set yourself apart from other babysitters in your neighborhood. Once awarded, all of your certifications are accessible online, via a unique URL and QR code that you can provide to your employers. This way, you won't have to print up your certificates for every family you babysit for. It's free, convenient and paperless – and can help you stay organized.

    Whether you take one or all three of our child care and babysitting classes in Huntsville, you'll gain the skills and confidence you need to provide quality care to kids of all ages. In addition, you'll also have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills and professionalism, and learn how to build your babysitting business. Sign up for one of our online or in-person courses to get started.