• Lifeguard Training in Anchorage

    In Anchorage, lifeguard training with the American Red Cross can help you gain the skills and confidence needed to help others safely enjoy their time in, on, and around the water. Throughout class, our patient, knowledgeable instructors will help you learn how to prevent accidents, recognize emergencies, and provide care until medical professionals arrive on scene. The course includes lecture materials and hands-on, scenario-based skills sessions – so you'll be able to practice your skills in a real-world setting before taking your certification exam.

    If you're ready to take your career to the next level, the Red Cross offers a Lifeguard Management course in Anchorage that can help you expand your skills. Designed as a one-day course, our Lifeguard Management program will help you learn how to hire, train, and supervise lifeguards, foster good relationships among team members and even help you understand how to assemble an emergency response team. To help improve your facility's overall safety, your instructor will also provide you with the latest proven information on injury prevention and risk management, so you can work with your facility management team to create a safer environment for everyone.

    Note: The course is compliant with the newly released Model Aquatic Health Code.

    Along with our world-class lifeguard training in Anchorage, the Red Cross offers a wide range of aquatics classes that go far beyond lifeguarding – and can help you gain new skills for the job you have, and the job you want. Just one of those classes is Safety Training for Swim Coaches, which has been developed in collaboration with USA Swimming. Created specifically for swim coaches and other aquatic professionals, it teaches you how to prevent and respond to emergencies while on the pool deck, and addresses topics like preparing an emergency action plan, recognizing swimmer distress, rescuing swimmers using non-swimming techniques, and handling spinal injuries, among others. For additional details on Safety Training for Swim Coaches or to enroll in a class near you, check our newest class schedule.

    Whether you hope to land a seasonal job at a waterpark or a pool with attractions, or you just want to expand your skills, the Red Cross can help. When you enroll in our Aquatic Attraction Lifeguarding, you'll learn the unique set of skills needed to provide lifeguarding services at a facility with a maximum water depth of 3 feet. Learn more about how our Aquatic Attraction Lifeguarding class in Anchorage can help you keep everyone safe at a variety of facilities.

    When you enroll in one of our Shallow Water Lifeguarding classes in Anchorage, you'll gain the skills necessary for working as a lifeguard at an aquatic facility with a maximum water depth of 5 feet – and you can expand your career options. Courses are available in person or via our blended Simulation Learning experience, which combines online coursework with an in-person skills session. Find a class in your area that suits your schedule and your learning style – and earn the certification you need.

    After completing your lifeguard training in Anchorage, it's critical to maintain your skills so you can provide help when it's needed most. However, because it's (hopefully) unlikely that you'll be called to provide lifesaving rescue services on a daily or even weekly basis, we've created a series of free online refresher activities that allow you to test your skills and keep them ready for anything. They take just minutes to complete, but can mean all the difference to those in your care.

    In addition to our Anchorage lifeguard certification program, your local Red Cross also offers a wide range of classes that can help you reach your personal, and professional, goals. From CPR, to AED and first aid classes, Basic Life Support courses to swim coach training – no matter what your interest may be, we can help you expand your knowledge, and your skills. Check our newest course schedule for details on the classes available in your area.