• AED Certification in North Carolina

    In North Carolina, AED training from the American Red Cross can help you provide critical care to someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. After successfully completing one of our online, in-person or blended Simulation Learning courses, which combines online coursework with an in-person skills session, you'll earn a two-year certification, and gain access to a range of refresher materials, including videos and online activities that can help you keep your skills sharp.

    Developed to mirror a traditional learning environment, the Red Cross's in-person AED classes in North Carolina allow you to learn how to use an automated external defibrillator under the guidance of trained, local experts. Combining lecture with hands-on skills sessions, these courses give you time to ask questions and work through problems as a team while learning the latest techniques. Even after taking Red Cross AED classes in North Carolina, remembering your skills can be a challenge, particularly if you don't use them regularly.

    When you sign up for one of our online AED classes in North Carolina, you'll receive the same quality training that we offer in our in-person classes. However, because you'll miss the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in a real world-environment, we've developed several online activities that will test your understanding of how, and when, AEDs are used so that you can confidently provide care when it's needed most. (Note: Full, OSHA-compliant certification can only be achieved by taking an in-person or Simulation Learning class.)

    To help keep your skills sharp and your memory fresh, we've developed a quick step-by-step guide that you can print up and place in a binder, on your refrigerator, at your desk or in your bag, and refer to whenever, wherever you need to.

    At The American Red Cross, we know how important it is to create a safe environment for your students and your faculty. That's why we've developed a training program just for schools. With our specially designed program, your school's educators and administrators can learn to teach North Carolina AED certification classes, then deliver training to students and faculty. This way, you can create an on-campus community that will be ready to help when it's needed most.

    Because for each minute that defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival is reduced approximately 10%, knowing how – and when – to use an AED is critical to the lives of millions. At the Red Cross, our North Carolina AED certification course can help you gain the skills and confidence needed to help during a sudden cardiac event. Find the right class for your learning style and your schedule, and get certified.