• AED Certification in Asheville

    When you know how to use an automated external defibrillator you can help save the life of someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. To help you gain the skills needed to provide care during times of crisis, we offer AED training in Asheville that's designed to suit your schedule, and your learning style. With in-person, online, and our blended Simulation Learning courses, which combine online coursework with an in-person skills session, you can choose the class that's right for you. Once you've successfully completed any of our AED classes, you'll receive a two-year certification.

    The Red Cross not only offers Asheville AED classes for individuals, but we also deliver industry-leading AED training for those who work in healthcare. Whether you're a first-responder, CNA, nurse or doctor, our training opportunities allow you to learn the latest information and proven techniques.

    Give your employees the skills they need to help during times of crisis. The Red Cross offers AED training in Asheville, and can help your staff can learn how to provide care to someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. Our training is OSHA compliant and can be conducted on-site. It also includes CPR and First Aid, so your entire team can get certified in all three skills in just a few short hours.

    AED classes in Asheville take just a few short hours to complete, but can mean all the difference to those in need. Regardless of which type of class you enroll in, in-person, blended Simulation Learning, or online-only, you'll receive thorough instruction on when, why, and how to use an automated external defibrillator. Our in-person and blended courses also include hands-on skills sessions to help you put your knowledge to the test, while our online-only courses give you activities to complete that will challenge your skills.

    Note: Only our in-person and blended Simulation Learning courses may meet workplace requirements for AED certification. Please check with your employer prior to enrolling.

    In order to give you the information you need to provide care to someone in need, our Asheville AED classes also include instruction on, and certification in, First Aid and CPR. And although these classes offer a wide range of information, they take just a few short hours to complete. In addition, our in-person and Simulation Learning courses on AED, First Aid and CPR are OSHA compliant and result in full certification, which is valid for two years.

    The skills necessary for saving a life can easily be forgotten if you don't use them regularly. That's why, after completing our AED classes in Asheville, you'll receive free online access to a range of refresher materials. With interactive quizzes, games and videos that you can use at any time during your two-year certification period, our refresher materials make it easy to keep your skills sharp and ready for anything.

    The Red Cross offers AED classes in Asheville throughout the year, and at a wide variety of convenient times and locations. This way, you can find the training you need at a time that suits your schedule. Taught by experts in the field, our training classes can help you gain the skills needed to help, and make a difference when every second counts.