• AED Certification in Greensboro

    When you know how to use an automated external defibrillator you can help save the life of someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. To help you gain the skills needed to provide care during times of crisis, we offer AED training in Greensboro that's designed to suit your schedule, and your learning style. With in-person, online, and our blended Simulation Learning courses, which combine online coursework with an in-person skills session, you can choose the class that's right for you.

    Red Cross AED classes in Greensboro can give you the knowledge and confidence to help someone in a time of crisis. Delivered in a traditional classroom setting, with lecture and hands-on skills training, our AED courses allow you to become familiar with the technology, ask questions, and learn in a supportive environment.

    At the Red Cross, you can get AED training in Greensboro without ever leaving home. With our online-only courses, you can learn how and when to use an automated external defibrillator, and help provide critical care during times of need. Our online-only classes deliver the same information as our in-person and blended learning courses, but in lieu of a hands-on skills session, you'll perform a range of online activities that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the material.

    Note: Online-only AED courses may not satisfy your workplace requirement for certification. Please check with your employer and choose the right course for your needs.

    After completing one of our AED classes in Greensboro, you'll be able to capably, confidently, provide care to someone during a sudden cardiac arrest. In order to administer a "shock" with an AED, you'll open the person's shirt, wipe his or her chest, apply the AED pads and follow instructions from the device. Afterward, you'll begin CPR, if necessary. Because of the last step involved, our AED classes include a segment that will allow you to also earn your CPR certification.

    We offer AED training in Greensboro for students and administrators. Through our special schools program, your faculty and students can learn how to properly use an AED, and be ready to help when every moment counts. School courses result in full two-year certification, and all participants will have access to our online refresher materials, which can help keep their skills sharp long after their AED training has ended.

    If you don't often use the skills you've learned in our AED classes in Greensboro, it's easy to forget how and when to use an automated external defibrillator. In order to keep your memory fresh, we've created a printable document that outlines the steps necessary for providing life-saving care. This way, you can keep the instructions in a binder, on your refrigerator, at your desk or in your bag, and refer to them from time to time so that you're ready to help when it's needed most.

    After successfully completing your Red Cross AED training in Greensboro, you'll receive a certificate that's valid for two years, as well as online access to a wide range of refresher materials – including videos, activities, tutorials and more. This way, you can easily maintain your skills throughout the certification period. If you need to need to share your credentials with an employer, potential employer, or volunteer organization, all of your Red Cross certificates are available digitally, and come with unique ID and QR codes make the process simple.

    Note: In order to receive full OSHA-compliant certification in AED usage, please enroll in an in-person or Simulation Learning course.